Dodge: Great and Invigorated!


No longer in Chrysler’s shadow, Dodge, DaimlerChrysler’s efficiency division is cranking out some definitely great looking cars. We look at a few of the champions in the present line up and peer into the future at models waiting in the wings.

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If you’re a vehicle fan you realize that part of the enjoyable of following the market is examining new models as they enter the showroom. There is just some thing specific about a brand new vehicle: the smell, the appear, the cost tag! For some 17 million American drivers a brand new vehicle is in their future, though several other individuals opt for the utilised car market place. Several of the vehicles out there today are hot, hot, hot! Lets take a look at several new and future offerings from Dodge.

Thanks in aspect to new ownership [Daimler Benz bought the Chrysler Corporation in 1998] a fresh infusion of terrific hunting Dodge models have hit a showroom near you. Further models are soon to seem and also the makeover that Dodge has been receiving is nothing much less than astounding. Listed below are some of my favorites:

Magnum – Who said that a station wagon must resemble a household hauler? The Magnum sure doesnt. With an intimidating grille as well as a rakish exterior, the Magnum is really a accurate man pleaser when also giving women a little further space inside the back to haul stuff. Throw inside a Hemi as well as the Magnum really rocks!

Charger Okay, so the new Charger has 4 doors. Well, you cant have every little thing. You can have macho looks, a potent engine, and a car which is certain to compete with something that Japan or Germany throws its way. Word has it that DaimlerChrysler is contemplating a coupe version. Now, wouldnt that be cool!

Caliber – Bye, bye Neon. The Neon served Dodge properly, nevertheless it isnt inside the identical caliber because the Caliber. Pun intended. To become introduced in Spring 2006 as a 2007 model, the Caliber will have three engine options: 1.eight, 2.0, and 2.4 I4s, a continuously obtainable transaxle, and all wheel drive. Furthermore, 2.0L diesel engines will be available outdoors in the North American market place why not here? as DaimlerChrysler sets to introduce the Dodge name into new markets.

Other Dodge vehicles which can be receiving noticed consist of the Ram and Dakota pick up trucks, the Durango SUV as well as the soon to become introduced Dodge Nitro, the divisions version of the compact Jeep Liberty. Oh, yeah, who could forget the 510-hp V10 Viper? Are you able to say, Corvette beater?

A single word you cant associate with Dodge anymore is the word, boring. Exciting vehicles, trucks, and SUVs for a market craving these types of hot automobiles. I guess the ram insignia seriously does befit the name.

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