Preferred Auto Song and Why


Preferred car songs and why.

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I’ve many favorites, nevertheless, my all time favorite is Hot Rod Lincoln by Commander Cody.

Since living in an extremely cold climate indicates taking your Corvette off the road within the winter months, a winter car or truck is often a will need to.

So in September we started on the lookout for a vehicle for winter and discovered a beauty, a 2 door dark green 1976 Lincoln Town Auto, 5035 lbs with a great big V-8 (460) that rode like a dream, and talk about hauling a**. I can still bear in mind the night we picked it up. With only obtaining the Corvette, Chuck did most of the driving. Due to the fact I hadnt driven in a when, I told him to take it easy considering the fact that I hadnt driven within the dark for pretty sometime. Well, anyone who has even driven this automobile knows that 30 feels like you will be crawling and just before you know it you happen to be as much as 50 or 60. So, yep, you guessed it, there we had been on the back roads and Chuck is punching the Corvette to keep up with me. I was in heaven, with all that horsepower and auto about me again. Dont get me wrong, I loved the Corvette, but considering that my very first car was a 2 door 1962 Chevy Belair getting in a large car or truck once more put me in seventh heaven, and this one particular was even bigger and more quickly than my initial one.

Naturally when we got dwelling Chuck had some alternative words for me, even so, it all turned out all proper. And what a winter auto it was, we never got stuck and think you me Rochester gets a great deal of snow. Watched many a car spin its wheels in the parking lot, whilst that massive Lincoln plowed through it like it was nothing at all. In no way missed per day of operate in it either and it started up even at minus 40 and 50 wind chill, as well as the heat, ah the superb warm air it place out, just couldnt beat it. It did yeoman service for us.

We had the Lincoln for our three remaining winters in Rochester, prior to moving out west. We sold it to a college student going to school in NJ. It was nevertheless in tip top shape, just some minor rust, that is just component and parcel of living on the East coast with cold, snow and salt.

Would appreciate to find an additional, as we would snap it up inside a minute. Though not a hot rod Lincoln, it nonetheless brings back extremely incredibly fond memories.

My other favorites, Little GTO, 409 (not surprisingly), as well as the ultimate automobile song for all those of us that live recklessly, Deadmans Curve.

So tell us your preferred and why. If we get adequate replies, well dedicate a section of the internet internet site to automobile song favorites.

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